1. Relatable

Do you love striking up conversations with fellow techs? (Y/N)

You’re happy to share your salon experiences. You’ve been there and you get it — everything from mentoring a new nail tech to advising a seasoned pro on work-life balance. You’re approachable and your peers love picking your brain. 

2. Organized

Do you have your polish displayed in a perfect color gradient? (Y/N)

Do you know exactly where everything is in your salon? (Y/N)

Is your camera roll broken down into various folders (nail inspiration, client images, swatches, etc.)? (Y/N)

You believe in setting yourself up to succeed, and that means everything is in its place. Clients and coworkers appreciate your cleanliness. But organization doesn’t end at the salon. You have a calendar that’s current and all your tax documents are filed accordingly at home. When you travel, you have your tickets, passport, and contact information handy in a stylish holder.

3. Knowledgeable

Are you the first to jump in on a Facebook thread and help troubleshoot? (Y/N)

Do you sign up for multiple nail classes in your area? (Y/N)

Sharing is caring, and that’s the whole point of distributing the wealth of nail knowledge you’ve built up. The point of taking classes and spending countless hours watching nail videos all pays off when you master a technique. Providing others with tips and tricks is just the icing on the cake.

4. Positive

Do you have an open mind when it comes to new products and techniques? (Y/N)

Do you thrive on collaboration? (Y/N)

You’re a “glass half-full” kind of person. You can take a potentially negative situation and turn it around for the better. Your best accessory (besides your nails) is definitely a smile.

5. Passionate

Do you love your job? (Y/N)

Is your goal to cast the nail industry in a positive light? (Y/N)

Nails are what you eat, sleep, and breathe. You love this business and those in it. This love is the driving force behind your ambition and what motivates you to get behind the table each day. If only there were more you could do to show your love of nails…

If this is you, consider becoming an OPI educator. OPI is looking for nail professionals with these five traits to elevate the industry all while traveling, teaching, and networking.

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