Owner Trang Martin and her son (and salon manager!) Daniel Scott.

Owner Trang Martin and her son (and salon manager!) Daniel Scott.

Athletes may not be the stereotypical salon client, but there still is a market for sports lovers in the nail world, a concept proven daily at Lavo Nails (www.lavonails.com) in Fulshear, Texas. Owner Trang Martin, who runs the salon with her son Daniel Scott, created a pedicure just for athletes who are tough on their feet, focusing on issues such as ingrown toenails, foot odor, callus build up, and even potential fungal issues.

“There is a misconception that pedicures are a girly thing,” says Martin. “However, sports pedicures have been getting more attention in recent years because several professional athletes are now getting them to healthily maintain their legs and feet.”

The pedicure features specific products intended to soothe sore muscles: Clients are given a 10-minute soak of Bokek Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt for muscle-relaxing effects, their toenails are cut in a straight line to avoid ingrown nails, and their calluses are only lightly reduced since some runners need calluses to reduce the impact from running.

To market the service, Lavo Nails promotes the health-related aspects of foot maintenance with fitness centers, and sometimes even offers the service as a prize for fitness competitions. However, Martin says referrals mainly come through word of mouth.

“One of our customers is now training for the Olympics tryout as a marathon runner,” Martin says. “He first tried the sports pedicure at the suggestion of his wife, but now returns because he sees and feels its benefits, from lessening callus build-up on toes to the massage portion reducing soreness.”

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