1. Apply two coats of Vetro #29 Monroe Pink. Cure. Paint the tip red using Vetro #21 Tsubaki. Cure.

2. Using sparkly orange cat-eye gel (ENailCouture Precious Minerals #079), paint over the red tip. Do not cure. Hold magnetic wand (Petit Macaron Star Wand by ENailCouture) until desired cat-eye effect is achieved. Cure.

3. Paint black hearts and filigree (fine wire-like lines). Flash cure.

4. Press gold foil onto the black lines of your design and finish with Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat.

5. Use the same red to carefully fill the inside of the hearts. Do not cure. Sprinkle iridescent glitter onto the wet gel and cure. Remove any excess glitter.

Sonia “G” Molina, Sparkle SF, San Francisco @itsagcreation

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