Nail tech Melissa Finch of Des Moines, Iowa, says her clients feel there’s something different about her pedicures, but aren’t sure what — a distinction she attributes to her skill in Reiki energy. “Reiki is a natural and simple way of healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual,” she explains. “Roughly translated, the word Reiki means universal life source or energy. As a Reiki practitioner, you are a conduit for positive energy all around us to be channeled for healing.” Finch says physical touch isn’t necessary to practice Reiki, but she finds it more effective when she uses touch.

A Reiki practitioner for 15 years, Finch was first introduced to the practice by her mother, who had always been interested in holistic living. She learned from a Reiki master teacher in a process called “getting attuned.” “There are different levels off attunements that correspond with each level of practitioner,” says Finch. “An attunement is done in a quiet setting like a home.” She describes the process as teaching the body to tune into the Reiki “signal” or energy, similar to tuning into a radio station. “Once you have been attuned, you never turn off the flow of energy,” she says. “It’s always there — you just learn how to turn up the volume.”

Finch uses Reiki in some form every day. “The energy flow feels strongest to the palms of my hands,” she says. “When performing mani or pedi services, I make sure I have my palms in contact with my clients during the massage portion. Occasionally I will do a full body treatment in the salon.” Her favorite thing about doing treatments on herself or others is how grounded and calm it makes her feel. “The power of positive touch can be so important and impactful,” she says. “I truly enjoy bringing that to others.”

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