Schedule it. Work like crazy before, work like crazy after, then take another vacation.
Debbie Shean
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Every year I take two weeks off after Christmas. In August and September all my regulars book their appointments up until Christmas so everyone knows what they are doing. If anyone needs to cancel or rebook an appointment, they understand that only that appointment can be affected, and the others will not be moved. After Christmas, it takes about two months to spread everyone out again, but it’s the best way to have everyone happy. No one goes too long between appointments, and I get quality family time.
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Plan it — mark it as off. You’re entitled to time off just like everyone else. My clients have always been very good about it. They may not always like the scheduling times available before and after time off, but they work with me because it is short term. They take time off too!
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I will be going to Hawaii next week. I gave my clients plenty of notice and had them book their appointments in advance. I also am working an extra day before I leave to make sure I get my clients in. I also have good connections in the area who could take a client or two if I had no space to fit them in before I leave.
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I like to plan my time around vacation times if possible. No one is in town the week of the Fourth of July, so it’s easier to get the days off since clients don’t want to schedule. Christmas is another good one. It’s nice that in my small town that they don’t expect me to work those days.
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I always take time off during the slow period, but my trips are always short. If it were up to my clients I would never get a break. But going forward, ample notice will be given.
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I am taking off two days next week for training and five days next month for a holiday. I’ve given my clients months of notice and they have scheduled accordingly. I am also working a few extra days before and after my time off to make up for the lost time. I think giving clients enough notice and having them pre-book appointments a few months out makes the whole thing more manageable.
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The week before and the week after a vacation are very busy. I give people a month’s notice to find a convenient appointment time. I come in early, stay late, and work an extra day. I see my Monday through Wednesday clients the week before, and the Thursday through Saturday clients the week I get back.
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