1. Paint the entire nail with Gelish Arctic White. Cure. Use a striper brush and Presto Black Gel to outline an evil-looking eye and smile to create the side of a face. Cure.

2. Add detail to eye outline, and add a corner to the mouth and a line through the smile. Add a nose outline on the edge of the nail. Cure.

3. Fill in the eye and nose using Gelish Black Shadow. With striper brush, thicken the lip area. Cure.

4. Using Presto Black Gel, add an arched eyebrow, chin line, and teeth with a thin striper brush. Cure.

5. Apply Presto Matte Top Coat to the entire nail. Add blood drips with Gelish Man of the Moment. Cure and add top coat. Finish the design by adding a Swarovski Crystal to the middle of the eye using resin. 

Lorena Cruz, Phoenix, Ariz. @blessedbythenailgods

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