ProDip by SuperNail creates natural looking, lightweight nails with no sculpting needed. The system requires minimal filing, features a 10-minute removal process, and does not require a light for curing.

1. Using a 180-grit SuperNail Wave File, shape the nail and lightly buff the shine from the nail plate.

2. Select desired colors of ProDip Powders and pour into disposable dipping trays, using separate trays for each color. Apply one coat of ProDip Prep to each finger and allow it to dry.

3. Apply a coat of ProDip Base to the entire nail and slide finger into the white powder to create a crisp smile line. Dip entire finger into the pink or clear ProDip Powder in the other tray and tap off excess. Repeat on all 10 nails.

4. Dust off excess powder with a dry SuperNail Cleansing Wipe. Repeat the dipping process on all 10 nails.

5. Apply a generous amount of ProDip Activator to all 10 nails, making sure to cap the free edge. File and shape all nails and buff smooth.

6. Using a dry SuperNail Cleansing Wipe, remove dust from all nails. Re-apply the ProDip Activator on all 10 nails.

7. Apply a coat of the ProDip Finish Gel to one hand only and immediately apply a second coat of ProDip Finish Gel to that same hand. Do not over-brush the second coat — limit to three strokes per nail. Repeat on the other hand. Let the Finish Gel dry for two minutes before applying ProDip Cuticle Oil.

Alternative application: Apply a thin coat of the ProDip LED/UV Gel Sealant to four nails of one hand, making sure to cap the free edge. Place hand in LED or UV lamp and cure for 30 seconds in LED or three minutes in UV. There is no need to cleanse the nails afterwards. Repeat this step on the other four fingers of the other hand and on thumbs. 

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