Nail Design

Sunset Zeppelin Nail Art Tutorial

by NLS Staff | June 21, 2017

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Top 12 finalist Deanna White created this colorful zeppelin design.

1. Start with a nail painted in white gel-polish. Apply an ombré with polish using a makeup sponge.

2. Cut out a circle in a nail form and use it as a stencil.

3. Create another ombré inside of the circle using polish and a sponge. Then remove the nail form.

4. Use the same technique to create the blimp. Begin by painting the water line and spotlights with acrylic paint.

5. Add the waterline details and reflections with different shades of blue acrylic paint. Finish the blimp with blue paint. Add the Zeppelin script with white acrylic paint and apply gel top coat.

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