Casey Herman (@caseynails) painted this charming manicure using China Glaze's My Little Pony collection. "I love that Pinkie Pie is Pink! And that she’s a baker. I thought that she would probably make cupcakes and would definitely want star sprinkles.  I made nails that had big stars just like the sprinkles I think Pinkie Pie would put on her cakes!”

How to paint the star:

1. Polish entire nail with two coats of She’s a Mane-iac.

2. With a striping brush draw a large star in Cutie Mark the Spot.

3. Fill in entire star with Cutie Mark the Spot.

4. Apply 1 coat of Hay Girl Hay! over entire nail.

How to paint the cupcake: 

1. Polish entire nail with 2 coats of I Sea Ponies.

2. Using a striping brush make the bottom of the cupcake trapezoid) in One Polished Pony.

3. With a dotting tool apply Sweet as Pinkie Pie™ to make the top of the cupcake.

4. With a striping brush add a few thin lines to your cupcake base in Cutie Mark™ the Spot.

5. Apply Hay Girl Hay! with a striping brush to add the sprinkles to the cupcake.

6. Add the cherry on top with Applejack of My Eye using a dotting tool.

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