Nail Design

Antique Blossom: Beauty and the Beast Nail Art Tutorial

by NLS Staff | February 23, 2017

Create this romantic rose design using Morgan Taylor’s Beauty and the Beast polish and Enchanted Patina top coat.

1. Apply a thin coat of Plumette With Excitement to the nail, making sure to cap the free edge. Apply a second coat for full coverage.

2. Apply Enchanted Patina to the entire nail. Apply a second coat for full coverage.

3. Using the Mini Striper Brush and Once Upon a Mani, create the shape of a rose near the free edge of the nail.

4. Continue adding additional rose shapes on the nail.

5. Using a Mini Striper Brush and The Last Petal, outline the largest rose design.

6. With The Last Petal and the Mini Striper Brush, continue outlining all the rose shapes.

7. Using a Dotting Tool and Plumette With Excitement, place small dots around the roses.

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