Preferred medium: Scratchboard allows great detail for my favorite subject matter — animals. The artist uses an X-Acto knife to cut through a black India ink coating over a special chalk-coated board to reveal the white underbody, giving an effect much like an etching.

Her story: I’m a graduate of California State University, Fresno with an Industrial Arts major. Having been an insurance adjuster for 25 years, I made the decision eight years ago to leave the corporate world and delve into a more creative lifestyle for the second half of my life journey. I recently became an empty nester; the two things I have been passionate about (other than my kids) are art and horses, both of which are extremely cathartic for me. 

Inspiration/motivation: Certain events in my life — good and bad — have inspired some of my artwork. There’s always a release when I finish a piece and it keeps me somewhat grounded in times that don’t seem to make much sense. I also enjoy creating art that is pleasing to others. I had the opportunity to volunteer to do nail art on young girls scheduled for surgery at Shriners Hospital. I’m sure they were dealing with

all kinds of emotions but when they found out they were getting their nails painted with a design, their faces lit up.

The intersection of nails and fine art: To me, nail art is the same as fine art only on a much smaller canvas. It’s a discipline that has taught me patience and persistence.

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