My favorite part of a nail service is the transformation of my clients’ nails, whether it be their hands or feet. I like to begin with a “before” picture and then take an “after” picture so they can see the difference between a quality nail artist versus a quantity nail tech. I definitely take my time when it comes to proper nail prep and application. Shaping of the nails takes a good eye and precision. Yes, my prices are higher, but once they see the “after” picture, my clients are always blown away and can’t wait until their next visit.
Eva Jenkins, Extraordinary Nails by Eva, Bellevue, Neb.

I absolutely love when I cap my super glittery creations with clear gel. I love how it brings every single piece of glitter to life. The light reflects through the gel and everything from super fine particle-like pieces to huge and flashy chunks come to life right in that moment.
Ruthy Carter, Giddy Up Nails, Tofield, Alberta,Canada

My favorite service to do is a gel manicure on natural nails. I like it because it’s not as complicated as acrylic or hard gel, but not as easy as regular polish. It’s quick to perform, yet it still shows my polish application skills. I like when I can touch to check it right away after applying the top coat without worrying about messing it up and how shiny and long-lasting it is on natural nails. (Of course, I hate to fix clients’ regular polish mess-ups!) The massage after the gel top coat application is also a part that I like, and I’m sure the clients love it too. It’s the time for your client to relax and feel pampered, and it can really boost your tip depending on how good you are!
Anh Tran, Nail Tech/Editor, VietSalon, Torrance, Calif.

My favorite part of any service is the cuticle care/removal. When a client comes in with cuticles that need some major TLC there is nothing more satisfying than getting ALL of it off! It’s amazing how much of the nail plate you can reveal after you’re done with some clients.  After I’m done with each hand I always tell my loyal clients, “You should have used your cuticle oil!” and we get a good laugh.
Ashley Donnelly, Nails By Ashley Donnelly, Wahiawa, Hawaii

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