Ukrainian-born nail tech Yuliya Normand takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and inspiring other nail artists. As Entity Beauty Global Artist and Lead Educator, she travels to a different country every month to help build a team of educators for the company. Six months ago, after 15 years in the nail industry, Normand opened her first salon, The Glam Loft in North Port, Fla.

Here are her photos of a meaningful person, place, and thing at work.

Person: I’m inspired by the passion, vision, and technical skill of Tom Holcomb, one of the founders of Entity Beauty. His perfectly structured French nails motivate me to grow as a professional. 

Place: Our beautiful pedicure spas have a massage option, and guests receive a cup of coffee or tea while they relax. To make our services absolutely safe, we use pedicure liners and disposable files, buffers, and toe separators. Stainless-steel tools are sterilized in an autoclave. 

Thing: Our custom-built manicure stations are equipped with built-in LED lamps, which saves room on top of the table. Durable marble tops and built-in vents provide a super-clean surface and a slim light gives techs the best lighting possible so they can see even the tiniest details.

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