Nails & Faces of Joy, an award-winning salon/spa located in Waldorf, Md. that has specialized in diabetic pedicures and foot care since 2010, has now added free services for cancer patients. Founded by international Ardell educator and beauty professional Joy Johnson, the Survive & Thrive Cancer Patient Program aims to bridge the gap between healing and pampering cancer patients. It allows patients during their treatment to receive one complimentary service on a monthly basis ranging from wig styling to eyebrow creation, to manicures and pedicures. With the required doctor’s note or social worker’s referral detailing what they can receive, patients can find a way to adapt to the effects that cancer treatment has on their appearance.

Additionally, the salon partners with podiatrists and offers exclusive services that promote preventive maintenance for diabetics. “Nails & Faces of Joy Spa understands the precautionary measures that go into a diabetic’s health,” says Johnson. “In an effort to better serve persons affected in our community, we use products specifically made for diabetics. We do not use tools such as a credo blade, which can cause skin to be broken, as diabetics take longer to heal, and we incorporate hydrating products to help combat excessive dryness that some diabetics experience from their medications.”

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