Use LeChat’s Mirano Multi-Effx Metallic Pigment to create unique, luminous color-shifting effects. When the pigments are layered over dark shades, the resulting color will shift when the light changes.

1. After prepping the nail and applying base gel according to manufacturer instructions, apply two thin coats of Black Onyx gel-polish. Keep the gel-polish about 1 mm away from cuticle and sidewalls, and cap the free edge only on the first coat. Cure each coat for one minute.

2. Wipe nails to remove the glossy layer from the base.

3. Apply Mirano Gel Top Sealer Gloss close to cuticle and sidewalls — wherever you want Mirano pigment to stay. Do not cap free edge.

4. Using the application brush, rub Mirano Color Pigment into the nail, being sure to cover well. Do not apply pigment to free edge. Gently brush away excess pigment.

5. Apply Gelée Top Coat, capping the free edge.

6. Make sure there is only Gel Color on the free edge, no Mirano pigment. Remove tacky residue using gel cleanser.

7. File nails, being careful not to break the seal.

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