1. Prep nails for gel-polish application. Apply one coat of light blue gel-polish and cure. Repeat for full coverage. Use a detail brush and white gel-polish to paint a large “+” and a large “x” as the skeleton shape of a snowflake. Cure.
2. Paint upside down “V” to connect the painted lines in Step 1. Cure.
3. Repeat Step 2 to keep layering your snowflake details. Cure.  
4. Paint short, curved lines to add more dimension to the snowflake. Frame the nail with diagonal lines to create a diamond-shaped outline. Attach a blue rhinestone in the center of your design. Cure.
5. Add lace details to the diamond frame painted in Step 4. Cure. Seal the entire look with top coat and cure.

Celine Cummings, Middletown, Del. @nailedbyceline

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