1. Paint two layers of Akzéntz Expression and cure between coats.

2. Use a detail brush and a custom mix of dark brown gel paint to paint a thin branch and twigs. Cure.

3. Paint small flowers using a thin brush and white gel-polish. Cure. Use a nude gel-polish shade to paint over the white flower to create a larger flower shape and add dimension. Cure. Use a metallic gel-polish shade to add an accent to the center of the flower. Cure.

4. Use an edge brush and green gel paint to create leaves around the nail. Swipe through each painted leaf with an art brush to drag the color and cure. Add very small white dots around the twigs and cure.

5. Add metallic accents to the design and cure. Seal the look with top coat and cure.

Kelsey McQuay, CoCo Maties Lacquer Lounge & Boutique, Cocoa, Fla. @cocomaries_lacquerlounge 

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