Dazzle Dry Manicure and Pedicure products are designed to work in synergy with the brand’s lacquer system to transform a traditional service into a spa experience. With 11 essential oils featured in the moisturizing system, the products provide a fresh scent and hydrating performance.

1. After trimming and shaping the nails, apply a small bead of Dazzle Dry Cuticle Remover onto the eponychium and smooth it over the entire nail plate where the cuticle layer lays and is transparent. Let it sit for one to three minutes until the cuticle softens enough to gently push back. Be sure to wash it off thoroughly when done.

2. After cuticle grooming is done, apply one drop of Dazzle Dry Nail & Cuticle Oil on each nail. Massage into each nail to promote circulation.

3. Apply a small amount of Dazzle Dry Spa Scrub onto the back of each hand and spread it along the entire hand and forearm with a gentle massaging motion to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

4. Use a small amount of Dazzle Dry Shea Butter Cream to massage each forearm and hand. The Spa Scrub will dissolve during the massage for a longer-lasting and deeper moisturizing treatment. Wrap the hands and forearm in warm steam towels and wipe off excess oils with the towels after a few minutes.

5. Remove any debris from the nail plate with Nail Prep and a lint-free pad.

6. Warm the Dazzle Dry Base Coat in hot water for a few seconds before using it if the formula is foggy. Apply two coats, encapsulating the free edge, and allow each layer to dry (it should dry matte).

7. Apply two coats of polish, making sure to encapsulate the free edge and allow each layer to dry.

8. Apply a generous layer of top coat.

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