Nail Design

Fashion-Forward Nutcracker Nail Art

by NLS Staff | October 5, 2016

Ayumi Namaizawa of MARS the Salon made this fashionable nutcracker nail design fresh off of Milan Fashion Week. Follow these steps to get a Dolce & Gabbana-inspired look.

1. Apply base coat. Paint yelloe on index and pinkies and black color on ring finger. Apply blue paint on thumb and middle fingers, then paint black square on the bottom part of them.

2. Draw face and body of nutcracker.

3. Paint yellow pants.

4. Add collar and small orange lines to perfect outfit.

5. Add a semi-circle at the free edge. Paint more detail on nutcracker. Draw a wind-up key and add a face.

6. On the index and pinky fingers draw a rectangular shape.

7. Attach a crystal on the center of the rectangle on the index and pinky nails.

8. Draw different sized circles with different colors on the thumb and middle nails.

9. Add four dots to larger circles and stitch lines.

10. Apply top coat to complete the look.


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