INM’s line of professional nail products allows you the versatility to create the most festive and scariest of nail designs. The Out the Door sculpting powder features cross-linking technology that lets you think outside the box when it comes to executing your sets. Pair the polymer powder with Utopia liquid monomer for a strengthening and protective finish.

1. Prep the nails for gel-polish application. Apply Dual-It base coat and cure. Apply a thin coat of INM gel-polish in Devious and cure. Repeat with a second coat for full coverage.

2. Create three beads of acrylic using INM Out the Door white acrylic powder and Utopia monomer. Space the 3-D shapes evenly around the nail to create eyeballs.

3. Once cured, use a large dotting tool and a lime-green shade to paint the details of the eyeballs. Continue to add details to the eyes using a red shade.

4. Embellish the look as desired. Seal the entire ghoulish nail using INM Dual-It top coat and cure.

For more nail art by INM artist Rachel Odom, visit her Instagram @nailsbyraybaby.

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