Preferred media: I love them all — I paint, sculpt, carve, and work with leather, wood, and beads.

Her story: When I was little, my mom worked in a paper box factory and she would bring home rolls of paper for me to draw on. Then, when I was in junior high school, I took my first elective art class and received a ribbon for a still life. I’ve been drawn to creating ever since. When I was in beauty school in the late ’80s, I saw an artist named Sue Tumblety in NAILS who was creating tiny masterpieces on nails. That was a complete game changer; I just needed smaller brushes.

Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett

Inspiration/motivation: I’m inspired by other artists, nature, and photography. Creativity feeds my soul.

The intersection of nails and fine art: Almost all my clients come to me because of my art. Being able to work in any medium comes in handy. I’m always willing to help out with a project, whether it be artwork for a coworker’s wedding or salon signage.

See more art here: Instagram: @lisa.b.ivystar

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