Using pigments and gel-polish to create the right shade for your client’s complexion can boost her skin’s vibrancy. She’ll love you for it! Add an additional $10 to the service, or $2 per nail for this color correcting process, says Chicago-based nail tech Ashley Gregory. 

1. For this tutorial, the nude gel-polish shown, (Cuccio Veneer “Skin To Skin”) isn’t quite right for the client’s skin tone. She needs something warmer and wants more shimmer.

2. Begin with your base color, in this case Cuccio Veneer “Skin To Skin.” Place a pool of gel-polish on a mixing surface such as a nail art palette or piece of foil.

3. Using a metal implement, take a very small amount of yellow pigment (CND Additive Tropic Sunrise) and mix thoroughly but slowly to avoid air bubbles.

4. To achieve additional shimmer, add CND Additive Sizzling Sand (about a quarter of the amount of yellow you added) to the gel pool and mix slowly but well.

5. Add the same amount of CND Additive Copper Mine as Sizzling Sand and mix well.

6. Using a gel brush, load the brush with product, checking to see that it was thoroughly mixed and apply and cure two coats on the nail.

7. For comparison, here is our starting point and final product. Keep in mind that you can use pigments to make the original color cooler with blue and pink. You can create a custom color for every client. If more custom product is needed, repeat steps 2 to 6.

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