Expand your gel color library cost-effectively without compromising storage space. Through practice and experimentation, you can create any color imaginable using pigments and hard gel.

1. Elite Beauty Supplies has two gel lines, both specifically formulated for mixing. For this demo you will need Design Gel, pigments (Riptide and Electric Purple), and Crystal Shine Tackless Gel Sealer.

2. Prep your pigments. Electric Purple is more of an “earthier” pigment and needs to be patted down and ground down first to break it up. Riptide, a mica pigment (silkier) blends in easily and doesn’t need to be crushed into the product.

3. Mix Riptide into Design Gel. Mix until the color is consistent and desired opacity is met.

4. Apply thin layer to a prepped nail and cure for two minutes in a 9-watt UV lamp or 30 seconds in a 405 NM LED lamp. (Cure time will need to be adjusted if a heavier amount of pigment is added.)

5. Using the same Riptide mix, add and blend in your pre-crushed Electric Purple pigment. Cure.

6. Once cured, wipe and top gloss with Elite’s Tackless Sealer for optimal shine. By adjusting your pigments-to-gel ratios and bringing new pigment colors into the mix, you can see how you can expand your gel color offerings.

 Amy Gustafson, Elite Beauty Supplies Educator, Victoria, British  Columbia, Canada, @diamondnailsstudio

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