One glance at Paige Roy’s Instagram page (@princess_paige1) and you’ll see she’s not afraid to push boundaries with her work. A 2015 NAHA finalist in the Nail Professional of the Year category, the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-based nail tech is accomplished and creative. Even with a notable career, Roy still focuses on the basics to make sure her skills are always on point. “Right now I’m focusing on making my shaping and polishing perfect. Then, I try to create new things that no one has done before.”

Follow these steps to see how Roy executed a smoky effect on nails, using gel.

1. Prep the nail for gel application. Apply a thin layer of gel base coat and cure.

2. Place a blob of clear gel and a smaller blob of black gel-polish on a palette and swirl.

3. Use a spatula to slightly mix the colors and make sure to leave a little bit of clear gel to create the smoke effect.

4. Apply the custom gel mix to the nail using a gel brush and swirl the custom color on the nail. Cure when you achieve desired look.

5. Repeat step 4 to add depth to the design.

6. Add clear gel to the nail to smooth out the color application. Cure. Remove the inhibition layer and buff the nail to smooth it out. Remove any debris.

7. Embellish the design as desired.

8. Seal the entire look with top coat. Cure.

Follow Roy on Instagram: @princess_paige1

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