What’s a nail tech to do when a client requests an intricate design when you’re already on a time crunch? Use stickers for nail art, says Rosanne Sollecito, a nail tech in Los Angeles. “I enjoy using stickers when I’m running low on time or for a very specific design that would be more difficult to freehand,” Sollecito says.

For best practice, always customize the size of the sticker to fit the client’s nail. Make sure not to touch the adhesive on the sticker and always use tweezers to pick up and place. Once the sticker is applied to the nail, smooth out any wrinkles or bumps with a pusher and a gentle touch.

1. Prep the nail. Apply gel base coat and cure. Use alcohol and a lint-free wipe to remove the tacky layer. Apply one small sticker off the center of the nail.

2. Apply a second shape in the opposite diagonal space, leaving enough room for another piece to fit in.

3. Apply a third shape underneath the first one to create a grid pattern with the shapes. Note that some excess sticker will hang off, this is what makes the design continuous. Cut or file off the excess sticker as close to the nail as possible.

4. Apply a fourth sticker to continue the pattern.

5. Apply gel top coat but do not wipe the tacky layer off. Use tweezers to pick up small bits of gold leaf and apply it sparingly to the clear empty space around the stickers. The tacky layer of the top coat will act as an adhesive for the gold leaf. Lightly press the gold leaf down, and apply two coats of gel top coat, curing between each layer.



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