Intricate details can take any design to the next level but executing thin lines is a technique to be mastered. In his 15 years in the nail industry, Australia-based and award-winning nail tech Jonny Diep Pham has learned a few tips that may improve your application style. “Support your hand for steadiness, use even pressure for consistency, and use the point of the brush for really, really thin lines. Invest in a quality liner brush as well,” he says. Follow these steps to see how Pham applied a colorful gradient and topped it with mandala-inspired art. 

1. To create a rainbow gradient, use a light pink gel-polish shade as the base color. Cure.

2. On a palette, apply horizontal stripes of at least five gel-polishes in your preferred shades. These colors will make up the rainbow gradient.

3. Use a makeup sponge to pick up and transfer the gel-polish from the palette to the nail. Gently pat the gel-polish to the nail. Cure. Repeat for desired opacity. Cure. Apply a thin layer of top coat to seal the color and cure.

4. Remove the inhibition layer, gently buff the surface, and cleanse the nail. Using white gel-polish and a liner brush, paint two tear drops (in the shape of a vertical infinity sign) on the center of the nail. Flash cure.

5. Continue to add intricate details using half circles and dashes to your design. Flash cure for 10 seconds.

6. Repeat Step 5 using swirls. Flash cure.

7. Repeat Step 6 using more details. Flash cure.

8. Use a dotting tool to continue to add details to the design. Once you complete your desired look, seal the art with top coat and cure.

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