Ditch the double dip with Young Nails’ new powder coating system, SlickPour. Jumpstart traditional nail enhancements with this powder coat application process that’s easy to apply and remove. With a service that’s clean and fast, you’ll discover the durability and staying power of the glossy powder coat finish. The line features 30 shades that are fortified with calcium and vitamin e.

1. Dehydrate the nail to create the best surface for a SlickPour service using Prep.

2. Create an adhesion layer for SlickPour color powder using Base.

3. Using the pouring spoon and a Catch All Cup, carefully pour the color powder over the nail. The cup will help catch excess powder for a clean service and easy clean up. Tap the nail to remove excess powder.

4. Apply Activator to accelerate the drying time.

5. Finish the look with Top to seal powder coat with a long-lasting shine and strong, durable finish.

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