Jaime Schrabeck discusses one of the segments of the GBM team competition with directors.

Jaime Schrabeck discusses one of the segments of the GBM team competition with directors.

She owns a salon, teaches classes, expounds on the need for salon safety, and services clients. Now Jaime Schrabeck adds Competition Director of Global Beauty Masters to her hefty repertoire. This dynamo began working with the international competition in 2014; it airs Thursdays on Discovery Life and Mondays on TLC.

The trailer for the show tells all: "Top salon teams. From America and the world. Battle it out in Las Vegas!"

One team wins the title, and beauty experts like Schrabeck make it all happen. But how does this part of her career really play out? We stopped Schrabeck between gigs to find out.

NAILS: How were you selected to be Competition Director for Global Beauty Masters?

JS: The position did not exist when I first volunteered for Battle Week in 2014; based on my experiences, I proposed the position and offered my services to become part of the Global Beauty Masters core team.

NAILS: If you were to describe GBM in five seconds or less, what would you say?

JS: Depends on how fast I talk! In five words: extreme competition hair-makeup-nails.

NAILS: What is a typical day like for you as Competition Director?

JS: My responsibilities as Competition Director fit around my salon and trade show schedule; typically, I respond to emails and phone calls throughout the day, facilitating the planning of the competition and the participation of student and professional teams.

NAILS: How big a role do nail artists and nail design play in the competition?

JS: Nail design has not always been a part of Global Beauty Masters (or its predecessor, Battle of the Strands), but since 2015, nails are judged as equivalent to hair and makeup. Our judging panels consist of three experts, each a specialist in hair, makeup, or nails. For Season 2, our nail judges are John Hauk (professionals) and Amy Becker (students). Global Beauty Masters provides nail artists a unique opportunity to contribute to a group effort and have their talents valued.

NAILS: Can you tell us when you appear on the show?

JS: My role was primarily behind the scenes, but look for me in Episode 4! (April 4 at 11 a.m. on TLC; April 7 at 6 p.m. on Discovery Life Channel)

NAILS: What new things have you learned from this experience?

JS: Through Global Beauty Masters, I connect with sponsor brands in a very different way than I do as a salon owner, licensee and consultant. I've learned more than I ever expected to about what’s involved in producing and executing a television series, from script writing to commercial logistics.

NAILS: Finish this sentence: This role has been the _______ thing I’ve ever done and here’s why: _______________.

JS: This role has been the most collaborative thing I’ve ever done and here’s why: as a salon owner and employer, I’m accustomed to having control and making decisions on my own. For Global Beauty Masters, I’m part of a team in which every member has an area of expertise and we must collaborate to make informed decisions in the best interests of the project.

NAILS: Who are your favorite people to work with on GBM? Have you made a lot of new friends?

JS: Other than the Global Beauty Masters team, my favorite people to work with are the competitors; they are talented, determined and enthusiastic about sharing their passion for the beauty industry.

NAILS: What would you say to aspiring GBM competitors?

JS: Unlike other competitions, Global Beauty Masters emphasizes teamwork. Assemble the best team possible and be prepared for anything. The rewards of competing go beyond the recognition; your career may never be the same!

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