While experimenting on a set of gel enhancements, nail tech Seantrese Eddy of Guru Nail Bar in Jacksonville, Fla., produced a textured nail that reminded her of a spiraling unicorn horn. The technique, Eddy says, should only be executed by nail techs who are experts at using an e-file. “If you’ve never used a drill, I don’t suggest you try this method,” she says.

Follow the steps below for a look reminiscent of the mythical creature.

1. Prep the nail and create a stiletto-shaped enhancement using your preferred medium. (Eddy used gel.)

2. Use a carbide bit to carefully file diagonal ridges to create the spiraling horn effect. Brush away any debris.

3. Continue to file the ridges carefully throughout the entire nail. Soak a cotton pad in alcohol and wipe away any dust.

4. Seal the look with your favorite top coat and style as desired.

For more work by Eddy, visit her Instagram @shesguru.

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