The almost universal "never again" chorus for nail techs is about accepting discount coupons. But what else should be avoided at all costs? Learn what others learned the hard way and just say no to:

Deep Discounts

They deliver customers more interested in the bargain than the service. Most of them never return ... unless you discount again.

Little Princess Parties

Many, many nail techs stage successful parties for young girls -- and don't get us started on the great photos! But if the guest list is huge and you don't know the client very well, there could be trouble.

Free nail repairs

We like to believe people are essentially good at heart; but too many of them take shameless advantage of a free repair offer. Especially if they're particularly accident prone. Charge fairly for your time.

Purchasing mailing lists

A few years ago, these were all you had to find local customers. Mailing lists are expensive and unless you really target your audience, they usually don't even pay for themselves. Consider e-newsletters instead.


Yes you are supertech and want to make more money. Just remember that each day must have some time built in for running your business; if you are chronically behind, late, and stressed, overbooking isn't working for you.