Attending a tradeshow has its perks. For nail tech Sarah Elmaz of Melbourne, Australia, one of the benefits of walking the Sydney Expo show floor was getting to connect with one her favorite gel-polish brands, GellyFit. Two years later, the brand collaborated with Elmaz and launched a collection of colors inspired by her signature style.

“Sarah visited our booth in the biggest beauty expo in Australia in 2014 and got a few colors to try. She fell in love with the product and was extremely supportive and made wonderful comments on our social media pages,” says Jane Nguyen, managing director of GellyFit Australia. “GellyFit is very much about supporting the industry and qualified nail technicians so we decided to sponsor Sarah and make a collection with her.”

The Get Buffed Collection, appropriately named after Elmaz’s Instagram page (@getbuffednails), includes eight colors with decorative caps that reflect her nail art. “These are the kind of colors my clients and followers love. They are light, bright, and super versatile,” says Elmaz. “The colors can suit anyone’s personality and they make it easy to create a fun set of nails.”

Get Buffed Gradient:

1. Paint the base with white gel-polish and cure.

2. Paint one half of the nail with a color of your choice and the other half with a different color. Do not cure.

3. Wipe the gel-polish brush clean and blend the two colors down the center line.

4. Cure when you are happy with the blend. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the second coat.

5. Apply top coat and cure. Embellish the nail as desired.

For more nail art inspiration, tips, and tricks, follow Elmaz on Instagram @getbuffednails.