A Charmed Life Nail Salon, Rockford, Mich.

A Charmed Life Nail Salon, Rockford, Mich.

Shopping List
o CND Marine Mineral Bath
o CND Sea Scrub
o CND Marine Cooling Masque
o CND Marine Hydrating Oil
o For Pro Calming Blend Therapeutic Paraffin
o CND Vinylux polish and top coat
o CND Solar Oil

1. Immerse the client’s feet in CND’s Marine Mineral Bath. Clip, file, and buff the nails on each foot. Apply cuticle softener, file the heels and tough areas of the foot, then push back the cuticles and remove any dead skin. 

2. Gently massage the CND Sea Scrub onto the feet and legs. Rinse and place the feet back in the bath.

3. Take both feet out of the tub, dry completely, and place them on the foot rest.  Apply a thin coat of CND’s Marine Cooling Masque on both feet and ankles, then wrap them in heated towels.  After five minutes, immerse the feet in the tub and remove the mask.

4. Use the CND Marine Hydrating Oil to massage the foot and leg. Once the oil is massaged into the skin, put a cup of warm paraffin wax into a bag. Place the paraffin bag over the foot and immerse the whole foot in the paraffin wax. Place booties on the feet to hold in the warmth.

5. Once the client has been soaking in the paraffin for about 10 minutes, slowly remove the booties and massage the paraffin off the feet.

6. Dry the client’s toes with a clean towel, apply toe separators, and clean her nails with alcohol. Apply two coats of her favorite CND Vinylux Color, Vinylux Top Coat, and finish with CND Solar Oil.

Price: $56

Tweak this Recipe:
Marine Pedicure. Line the pedi-tub with smooth beach stones and offer the client a tropical mocktail garnished with a paper umbrella.

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