In an effort to encourage the use and proper application of Swarovski crystals in nail designs, Swarovski recently hosted a two-day training event for nail techs. Nail techs who are passionate about nail art, as well as quality continuing education were welcome to apply to become Crystal Culture educators. USA Crystal Culture director and authorized Swarovski instructor Gina Silvestro led the training along with Nick “the Professor of Crystal” Regine, Angie Peery, and Sarah Winston of “A lot of nail techs have insecurities about applying crystals because they aren’t sure how to apply them in a way that will guarantee beautiful and long-lasting results,” Silvestro says. “Each educator is thoroughly instructed on the proper application techniques for Swarovski crystal designs in order to ensure the longest lasting wear without sacrificing any of the beautiful sparkle. All of the Crystal Culture educators were instructed on how to conduct Crystal Culture training classes so they can share their knowledge with others as well.”

To give bling-obsessed nail techs the opportunity to integrate the luxury of Swarovski into their services, Swarovski has also introduced a new product made specifically for nails. Crystal Pixie is available in four colors and consists of tiny particles of round crystals mixed with tiny cut crystals which add a beautiful shine to nails. The tiny crystals can be applied as an overlay to the entire nail or you can add them one by one to complement any crystal design.

Here’s how to apply Swarovski Crystal Pixie:

1. Prep the nail and keep it thin because the product will add thickness to the nail which will also give it strength. For enhancements, thin out the nail slightly prior to application of Pixie.

2. Apply one thin layer of Akzéntz Pro-Formance Adhere and cure. Apply Akzéntz Enhance Pink and cure.

3. Apply a layer of Akzéntz Bling On. Do not cure.

4. Sprinkle Crystal Pixie over the uncured layer of gel. Make sure to rotate the nail to distribute the crystals evenly on the entire nail.

5. Remove any excess Pixie from the edges of the nail and tuck any stragglers inward to avoid the cuticle and the free edge.

6. Gently pat down the crystals with a clean dry brush to set and secure the crystals in the gel for a smooth layer. Cure. Cap the outer edges with Akzéntz Shine-On. Cure.

To see this step-by-step in action, click here. For information on Swarovski application courses, visit Crystal Culture's website.