Made in Japan, Vetro gel-polish is designed to be customizable to fit the nail tech’s needs. Vetro’s line of colored gel-polish can be used alone for one week wear with easy removal. It can also be paired with a base that requires no primer and topped with a high gloss or matte top coat for nail color that will last up to three weeks. The formula features a thick consistency and high pigmentation that is ideal for nail art application.

1. To prevent pigments and ingredients from separating, always stir before use. Roll the bottle in the palms of your hands about 10 times.

2. Soak a cotton pad in alcohol and sanitize your hands. Next, sanitize the client’s hands with a new cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

3. Gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

4. Vertically buff the nails to remove shine.

5. Apply Nail Wipe to a lint-free pad and wipe the surface and underside of the nail. Remove oil and water to keep the nail clean.

6. Use Base Gel and coat the nail straight down to the edge without disturbing the cuticle line. Apply the gel-polish on both sides of the nail before touching the sidewalls. Check the nail to make sure the entire nail is coated. Cure for 20 seconds in the Vetro LED lamp.

7. Apply the first coat of colored gel-polish. Cure for 20 seconds in the Vetro LED lamp. Apply a second coat of color. Check the nail for uneven spots and make sure the coat is thin. Cure for 20 seconds in the Vetro LED lamp.

8. Seal the color with a thin coat of Vetro Top Gel and cure for 20 seconds in the Vetro LED lamp. Soak a cotton pad in Nail Wipe and wipe off the tacky residue.

For a live step-by-step using Vetro gel-polish to create nail art, click here.  

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