Chocolate Charlie Meets Peppermint Pattie PedicureNailed & Lashed, Las Vegas

Chocolate Charlie Meets Peppermint Pattie Pedicure
Nailed & Lashed, Las Vegas

Shopping List
(Nailed & Lashed pedi bombs, scrubs, and lotions are made in-house with shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, aloe, almond oil, and essential oils.)
o Nailed & Lashed Cinnamon-Vanilla-Fig Pedi Bomb
o Peppermint essential oil
o Safflower oil
o Nailed & Lashed Velvety Chocolate
Brown Sugar Scrub
o Nailed & Lashed Coconut-Peppermint-Butter Lotion
o Base coat, polish, and top coat

1. Soak the client’s feet in a basin of warm water and a Nailed & Lashed Cinnamon-Vanilla-Fig Pedi Bomb.
2. Remove the client’s feet from the bath. Clip and file the nails, and perform cuticle care.
3. Mix several drops of peppermint essential oil with safflower oil as a carrier oil. Apply to the feet and lower legs, and then massage with hot basalt stones for about 10 minutes.

4. Apply Nailed & Lashed Velvety Chocolate Brown Sugar Scrub to the lower legs and feet. Rinse the scrub off, and towel dry the legs and feet completely.

5. Massage the feet and lower legs with Nailed & Lashed Coconut-Peppermint-Butter Lotion.

6. Place toe separators on the client’s feet and apply base coat, polish color, and top coat.

Price: $55

Tweak this Recipe: Use an alternate name, such as Candy Cane Pedicure. Offer the client a mug of hot chocolate garnished with a candy cane.

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