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15 Nails That Defined 2015

by Beth Livesay | December 17, 2015

1. Aquarium Nails

Love this nails

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While this trend isn't new, the idea of objects floating in liquid on your tips shook up social media in 2015. Instead of an aquarium on your nails, make it a snow globe for a festive touch.

2. Bubble Nails



Also known as hump nails, this is another nail trend that isn't new but for whatever reason bubbled to the surface in 2015.

3. Russian Cathedral Nails



The nails heard around the world graced our May cover.

4. LED Nails

These nails light up your life with the help of a smartphone.

5. Egyptology Nails



Ancient Egypt is enjoying one heck of an afterlife. See herehere, and here

6. Broken Glass Nails

Scatter swag at #glonailbar #nails #nailart #NewportBeach #CostaMesa

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Bits of mylar or paper can fix nails up niceley.

7. Rockhound Nails



The new way to embellish is completely down to earth.

8. Emoji Nails

moreeee emoji nails for @_giaaa._ 😋💁🏽💘👙👑😈

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Nails that make you go : )

9. Chrome Nails

Nails with a mirror-like finish in any color of the rainbow reflected the mood of 2015.

10. Chain Nails

#bts photos of the @nailsmagazine cover I did for November 2015. #notd #nailart #nailswag #nailporn #nailguytv

A photo posted by Robert Nguyen 💅 (@nailguytv) on

Whether you prefer long, dangling bits of jewelry, or a few embedded links, these nails are off the chain.

11. Sea Glass Nails



As sea-n on our August cover.

12. Cinderella Nails



With a live-action movie, lacquer line, and nail art contest, these glass nails fit just right.

13. Marsala Nails



Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015 had us guzzling down wine-soaked nails.

14. Goat Nails



2015 was also the Year of the Goat, so artists took the nail by the horns when creating Lunar New Year nail art. 

15. Pearl



Again, not exactly a new trend, but we are happy to see these classic embellishments make a comeback

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