Morgan Lucas

Morgan Lucas

A third-generation beauty professional, Morgan Lucas became a nail tech at 17. In July of this year, at the age of 20, she opened her own salon, Stay Polished Nail Spa, in Akron, Ohio. The ’50s-themed salon emphasizes the glamour of that era, and plays ‘50s music for an upbeat mood. Lucas shared these photos of a meaningful person, place, and thing at work.




Person: My mom has had a huge impact on me, not just my personal life, but on my professional life as well. She started her first business at 26 and has been extremely successful ever since. She is the one who told me she believed I could run a successful salon and encouraged me to pursue that dream.

Place: This small sitting area in the front reception area of my salon really reflects my personal taste and the vibe I wanted to create throughout my entire space.


Thing: I found this illustration when my nail salon was just a concept. It’s truly what inspired me and inspired the decor in my salon. It’s featured almost everywhere, including my salon, the salon website, and my brochure.

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