Cuticle oil is a bit of a catch-all phrase, since no regulation dictates a bottle’s ingredients. It could be a blend of vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed, almond, coconut…you get the idea. But while the source of the oil may vary, the intent does not: Cuticle oil protects the skin, improves nail growth, and keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer. Let your client know how she can experience these benefits by educating her during her mani/pedi service. That conversation may go something like this:

You: I’ve noticed you get quite a few hangnails and your cuticles are dry. Do they ever bother you?

Client: Yes, but I just assumed it’s because I’m always in water.

You: Well, that could be what causes it, but I think we can fix it by using cuticle oil regularly. I use it on every manicure and pedicure I do in the salon because it does such a great job of repairing the skin. I’d recommend you pick up a bottle while you’re here and apply it to your skin every day — or even twice a day.

Client: Really? Can’t I just use hand cream?

You: You can use both, but cuticle oil is better at repairing that sensitive skin around the nails. It’s highly concentrated and it absorbs quickly so it starts doing its magic immediately. It softens and conditions your cuticles, so you’ll be less likely to pick at them. Plus, it adds moisture to the skin, which makes your skin healthier and younger looking. Finally, it shrinks and tightens the skin, which helps prevent hangnails.

And that’s just the benefit to your skin! Your nails also benefit from cuticle oil. They will become more flexible because of the oil, which prevents them from becoming brittle and dry, so the polish is less likely to chip. The cuticle oil also helps keep the polish pliable, which will further reduce chipping. I think you’ll really be amazed at the difference it makes when you apply it every day.

Client: That all sounds good, but I use gel-polish. Will it still help?

You: Cuticle oil is beneficial to everyone, whether they have natural nails, gel-polish, acrylics, gel enhancements, or even pedicures. It’s a product that strengthens the cuticles and helps make them healthy. Our cuticles protect our nails. When our cuticles are in good condition, it helps to grow stronger, healthier nails. It requires a little bit of consistent maintenance, but it’s worth it. Why don’t you pick up a bottle and give it a try?


Oils and Their Properties

> Jojoba seed oil: Moisturizes. The small molecules can penetrate deep into the nail’s layers to condition and soften the nails.

> Almond oil: Softens and conditions. The larger molecules stay closer to the skin’s surface and nourish the upper layers of the skin.

> Vitamin E oil: Softens and reduces the signs of aging.

> Avocado oil: Moisturizes the skin. Because it easily penetrates the skin, avocado oil often acts as a great carrier oil to help other oils penetrate deeper.

> Grape seed oil: Seals moisture in and makes skin soft and flexible.

> Rice bran oil: Softens skin, improves elasticity, helps retain moisture and prevents signs of aging.

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