Nail Tek’s problem-solving natural nail treatments are now easily identifiable based on your client’s unique nail needs. The line’s new packaging features color-coding by nail type for easy reference. Once you have identified your client’s nail type, you can reach for the appropriate color:

> For normal, healthy nails: green — Series 1

> For soft, peeling nails: orange — Series 2

> For hard, brittle nails: pink — Series 3

> For weak, damaged nails: purple — Series 4

For each nail type, you’ll find a Strengthener, Ridge Filler, and Hydrate Moisturizing Strengthener.

Other newly repackaged products include Step One Manicure Primer, Renew Natural Cuticle Oil with Tea Tree, Quicken Quick Drying Top Coat, 10-Speed Polish Drying Drops, Extend Polish Thinner, and Antifungal Maximum Strength.

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