It’s time to ditch remover foil wraps and opt for an alternative to the soak-off process. The Steam Off from The Painted Nail warms up acetone-based removal solutions and creates steam that will break down polish, gel-polish, gels, and acrylics in minutes. Follow steps to see how it works.

1. Buffer the top layer of the nails to break the seal. Plug in the Steam-Off and remove the lid. Follow the arrows on finger cap and twist off.

2. Remove the small bowl out of unit and pour the Steam Off removal solution into the bowl. Fill it until you reach the 5 ml mark. Carefully place the small bowl back into unit. Twist the finger cap back onto the unit and put the lid back on.

3. Turn the Steam Off on and wait about one minute for the removal solution to heat up. The “H” indicates heat.

4. When the “S” (steam) light turns green, remove the top lid. Place fingers in the silicone finger cap. Fingers should grip the plastic underside of the cap like a tennis ball.

5. Wait approximately five to ten minutes for the product to steam off. The unit will sound off two short beeps after five minutes and one long beep after 10 minutes. Double the amount of steam off time for acrylics.

6. Remove the hand from the unit and use an orangewood stick to gently remove any of the product residues. There should be no need to scrape off the product if the product was steamed off long enough. Lightly buff the nail and prep for polish application. Turn unit off and immediately turn back on for other hand and repeat the steps above.

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