Respected industry scientist Doug Schoon is acknowledging important industry innovations with an annual award. The first recipient — earning the title Most Innovative Idea for 2014 — is Famous Names IBX System.

Says Schoon: “Without a doubt, the most scientifically advanced products in the beauty industry are artificial nail coatings. Famous Names takes this high technology inside the nail plate to toughen and protect it from within. These products absorb into the upper layers of the nail plate and then join together to create a super tough protective shield for nails.” The system benefits nail techs by protecting clients’ nails from harsh treatment both in the salon and at home. “The IBX system protects the nail plate from whatever abuse comes its way and can even correct existing damage. The system also improves adhesion of nail coatings, including polish,” says Schoon.

The first runner-up title went to Aerovex Systems for its Chemical Source Capture Systems. “Their equipment consists of well-designed ventilation systems that make the performance of any salon service much safer, including artificial nails, keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments, and any other salon service that generates vapors or dusts,” says Schoon. “Aerovex Systems promotes total salon air quality solutions through their Three Zone Protection salon ventilation approach, which helps to ensure high-quality air throughout the salon, not just one station or chair.”

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