With summer right around the corner, your pedicures should be in great demand. Using Footlogix Callus Softener and Professional Stainless Steel Pedicure File, you can transform your clients’ feet, delivering long-lasting results in as little as 10 minutes. Together the two provide an effective, instant softening treatment for calluses, toenails, and cuticles that is non-aggressive to the client as well as the service provider. The spray-on Callus Softener is safe for diabetics and does not need to be washed off. The products can be used for waterless pedicures or after soaking.

Follow these steps:

1. Spray the Callus Softener Formula onto clean, dry feet especially around the nail grooves, on the dry skin of the toes and heels, and on other callused areas of the foot.

2. Leave the spray on for at least two to three minutes for the formula to absorb into all the layers of the epidermis.

3. Start filing with the coarse side of the Professional Stainless Steel File to reduce calluses. Use the fine side for smoothing and finishing. Re-spray the Callus Softener if the foot feels dry while filing. The callused skin will slough off very gently, leaving the skin on the foot rejuvenated.

You can retail Footlogix DD Cream Mousse for at-home care at your client’s next pedicure visit.

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