Jen Fetty (@jenfetty) of Middleton, Idaho, shows how to make this encapsulated nail art.

1. Clean and prep the nail. Apply a cover pink acrylic with the reverse method.

2. Apply a small amount of glitter acrylic to the free edge so the glitter acrylic will butt up to the edge of the cover pink, but not lay flush to it. Where the edge of the pink is, lay a string of clear gel and place pearls into uncured gel lining the smile line. Cure in a UV/LED light.

3. Place a slip layer of clear acrylic, using a form to extend the free edge. Place dried flowers and embellishments into the wet layer.

4. Encapsulate the entire nail in clear acrylic from cuticle to free edge.

5. File, balance, and buff the entire nail.

6. Top coat with gel and cure in UV/LED light.

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