Denise Heavner (@denisejohn65) of Jefferson, Ohio, shows how to make this mixed-media nail art.

1. Prep nails for gel-polish. Paint one layer of tan polish and cure.

2. Draw a rose with a thick pink gel and flash cure as needed. Cure three minutes and clean.

3. Lightly buff the shine off the rose and nail. Make scratches into the tan polish with a hand file and brush dust off.

4. Use watercolor paints to paint brown all over the nail. Allow to dry.

5. Remove most of the paint with water and a wipe. This gives the nail an antiqued look.

6. Paint on black foiling gel and cure two minutes in a UV lamp, then apply foil. Add top coat.

7. Clean and buff. Use alcohol ink pen to write " I do"  and top coat again. Clean then glue the gold flat pearls on.

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