The Chocolate Decadence Manicure, The Crown Jewel Spa & Salon, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Shopping List
o Chocolate Essential Oil
o Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Salt Scrub, o Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mask
o Biotone Massage Crème
o OPI Nail Polish

1. Massage Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Salt Scrub onto client’s hands and rinse.

2. Trim and file the nails. Apply Be Natural Cuticle Remover on the cuticles. Soak the hands in hot water with soap, then dry the hands with a towel warmed in a towel warmer. Push back and trim the cuticles.
3. Apply Biotone lotion with Chocolate Essential Oil to the hands and arms; massage for five minutes on each hand.

4. Apply Keyano Chocolate Mask and wrap the hands in heated mittens for 10 minutes.
5. Remove Keyano Chocolate Mask with wet towels heated in towel warmer and buff the nails.

6. Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, two coats of OPI polish, and Voila Top Coat.

Price: $45

Tweak this Recipe:  Use an alternate name such as Chocolate Romance Manicure, add rose petals to the soaking bowl, and offer a glass of champagne and chocolate candy.

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