Entity One Gel Technology encapsulates nanotechnology with the nail enhancement, making it easier than ever to create nails that are durable, glossy, and naturally beautiful. The gels feature a tight particle network that creates the perfect pre-blended mix ratio for a full body feel and perfect viscosity for ultimate workability. Learn how Entity Global Artist Yuliya Norman created a floral French extension using Entity One Gel.

1. Prep the nails by removing cuticle with Entity dual-ended cuticle pusher. Gently take the shine off the nail plate with 180-grit Refiner file. Cleanse and dehydrate with Natural Nail Prep using a lint-free wipe. Place an Entity form on the nail and apply Nu Bond acid-free primer.

2. Using an Entity gel brush and clear builder gel, form the extension of the future nail in a thin layer. Cure under an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

3. Form an almond shape nail bed extension using Nudite builder gel. First form the smile line and cure. Finish building the nail bed by applying the builder gel in the cuticle area and cure.

4. Using Natural White UV gel, make uneven patches to add dimension to your design and cure. Finish the nail structure with clear builder gel and cure.

5. Wipe off the sticky layer with a lint-free wipe and Natural Nail Prep. Shape the nail using 180-grit Refiner file and Perfecter buff. Using a thin brush and Entity One Color Couture, detail your design by painting rose petals and leaves. Add dots and a lace design. Cure.

6. Apply UV top coat on the nail and cure under an LED lamp for one minute. Let the nail cool off for about a minute and apply cuticle oil.

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