Inspired by textures, finishes, and shapes, Virginia-based nail tech, Kim Bui, is often on the prowl to find the next subject to put on nails. “I like seeing art and patterns on a large scale and imagining it shrunken down to fit on a nail,” she says.

This negative space monochromatic look was designed based on Bui’s visual muses. “I think monochromatic nail art can be eye-catching without being too loud,” she says. “It gives an overall impression of something pleasing to look at, but looking closer at it allows for an appreciation of the details and multiple shades of one color.”

Bui says she uses intricate decals to execute trendy manicures as a way to incorporate nail art into the services she already offers. “The simple application and variety in pre-made designs means you can usually find something that appeals to everyone,” she says.

Follow these steps to see how you can give your clients a gold-toned peekaboo set.

1. Prep the nail and apply two coats of a fine glitter, metallic gold polish onto the lower half of the nail.

2. Use the gold glitter polish to paint a thin horizontal stripe above and parallel to the other line just painted. Allow to dry.

3. Apply one coat of a medium sized glitter polish in a matching shade over the gold polish. Allow to dry.

4. Choose a lace or floral type decal in a similar color to the gold polish. Apply two to three designs starting from the sides of the nail using fine-tipped tweezers.

5. Place matching gold round studs in the center of the decals and adhere using nail glue.

6. Take your design one step further and adhere caviar beads or more studs in a smaller size for additional embellishments and dimension. Allow to dry and seal with a top coat.

You can find more of Bui’s nail art on her Instagram, @sincerelykimbui.

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