Left to right are Janelle, Michelle, and Tara.

Left to right are Janelle, Michelle, and Tara.

Michelle Fajdiga can’t remember a time that singing wasn’t a part of her life. “I grew up singing in church and quickly learned how to sing in front of a crowd. School choir followed and, as I got a bit older, I was asked to sing at several friends’ weddings,” say Fajdiga, a nail tech of 20 years and owner of Glamour Clawz Nail Lounge in Warwick, Queensland, Australia.

Fast forward to a day about four years ago when fate intervened. “I was busily filing someone’s nails and a woman walked into my salon. She oozed charisma and I knew we would be great friends. This woman, Janelle, turned out to be a keyboardist and singer,” she says. “We were besties straight away. As I also sang and played drums, we decided to get together for a jam. Janelle had a friend, Tara, who could also sing, so we teamed up and became Blue Violets.”

The trio sings jazz, blues, rockabilly, and even a bit of rock. Although they do play instruments, they focus mainly on vocals and harmonies. “Singing Andrews Sisters numbers is my favorite,” she says.

For the past two years, the group has appeared at the local Jumpers & Jazz Festival. “After our initial audition, we ended up with seven paying gigs that week, and a continual monthly booking at a popular local café. This year for Jumpers & Jazz we had eight bookings in six days. A very tiring week, but a wonderful excuse to get out from behind the nail table,” she says. 

“The best part of being in this trio is that we are really good friends. We are often asked if we are sisters because we get on so well on and off stage. And of course we get to dress up. We own several different dresses, fishnets, petticoats, and false eyelashes. Fun!”

Singing allows Fajdiga to live out her simple philosophy — enjoy life. “I sing like no one is watching, but in front of everyone,” she says.

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