An estimated 10% of women experience yellowing or stained nails due to improper use of nail color without a base coat, fungal infection, smoking, or poor health. Essie’s new brightening system is a comprehensive three-step program that delivers instantly refreshed nails, achieving reduced discoloration, stains, and dullness after just one use. Inspired by professional teeth-whitening treatments, Essie’s peroxide-based formula penetrates porous nail surfaces and sets off an oxidation reaction that breaks apart stains. The system reduces nail stains and discoloration by 97%, according to the company.

Bright Time Nail Soak: This citric acid and peroxide salt soak reduces stains and breaks up surface discoloration allowing nails to take on a brighter, healthier luster.

Go Bright Nail Scrub: Citric acid and glycerin gently exfoliate the nail surface to remove stains, while also hydrating and soothing the nail area.

Back To Bright Nail Cleanser: This spray clarifies and brightens nails with citric acid and glycerin, and removes surface residue to prep nails for polish.

The suggested add-on brightening service price is $10-$30 for hands and $15-$35 for feet.

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