Gel II Reaction Layers Pack offers three striking colors to help you easily create an impactful yet subtle design that resembles reptilian skin. Layer this color-changing trio for a dramatic and fearless effect. The pack includes G095 By the Bay, G053 Anniversary, R123 After Dark, and a free Extreme Shine Top Coat.

Here’s how to execute a bright and bold dragon skin design.

1. Prep and shape the nails. Apply a thin coat of By the Bay halfway up the nail starting from the cuticle area. Apply a thin coat of Anniversary from the free edge to By the Bay.

2. Use a fan brush with a light touch to pull Anniversary toward By the Bay. Repeat in the opposite direction to interlock the colors and continue until the colors blend well. Cure for 60 seconds in an LED light.

3. Apply a very thin and even coat of After Dark over the entire nail. The ombré effect underneath should be visible. Do not cure this layer yet.

4. Place a bead of Extreme Shine Top Coat onto an art palette. Using a dotting tool, pick up some of the top coat and slightly dot it onto the wet layer of After Dark. Continue this until you get a desired pattern. The top coat will spread out to create a dragon skin effect. Cure for 60 seconds in an LED light.

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